4:3 dApp Overlay Pack for Instagram/Twitter

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after seeing a flurry of people making overlays for instagram i thought it would be a good idea to build out a pack of #steem blockchain related overlays for the dapps on the chain, you could quite easily convert these to your own layouts and design of course too.

what does it do

it's a way to save you time making overlays for videos by using a screenflow template at record time, this means you can open up the app, select the template, record your webcam and when finished it opens with the overlay over the video, a few clicks to resize and turn off layers and you'll be good to go to encode and upload to instagram/twitter.

what you get

included is a 640x640 template for use in screenflow 8.2 for the mac. i have spent many hours tinkering to make this work because no matter what i do whatever size of webcam or screen i record it automatically resizes to 1920x1080 -- with my template you resize to 640x640 (instagram) and everything has been positioned/scaled to fit in exactly. you also get all six seperate zips covering. ..

actifit - earn steem for your real world exercise!
- create polls on the steem blockchain for free
dtube - store videos decentralized on IPFS, earn steem!
steem - using the open source logo, overlays for 16:9 and 4:3
steemhunt - hunt your favorite gadgets and tech, earn steem!
steemmonsters - in browser card game where you can win steem.

complete pack or buffet

i've included the main template with all the layers in, you'll need to switch them on and off like i showed in the video or you can buy each overlay for a dapp as you need, message me if you want me to add your favorite dapp!

power tips to consider

i have used these on instagram and twitter to promote the #steem blockchain, it speeds up drastically making overlays for both of these social platforms and only requires you to have a copy of the software and a bit of time if you are adding the subtitles (manual process) -- as i guide i record a video of 45 seconds for twitter and one minute for instagram.

unpacking and usage

move to folder
~/Library/Application Support/ScreenFlow/Templates

use finder and GO, then GO TO FOLDER and put the location above, unpack all the zips in there, then fire up screenflow and do NEW FROM TEMPLATE, you can either EDIT or click the middle button to USE it.

I want this!

4:3 dApp Overlay Pack for Instagram/Twitter

0 ratings
I want this!