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150+ Detail/OBS 4k Backgrounds

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Elevate your visual video storytelling to the next level!
over 150+ backgrounds spread over 13 different categories.

buildings, city, desktops, focus on you, gradients, landscapes,
nature, skies, space, sunrise, sunsets, travel, vertical. . .

. time saver! hours of time saved!
100x productivity... .from blank scene to recording 🔴

the idea is that i have a pack that i can use for many programs, seeing as supports 4k outta the gate it makes sense to have them as that, size accordingly for 1080/720 (if there is a requirement i’ll resize them, i use a great program called squash

i’m looking to improve this regularly so i have the biggest background scene pack going from open source wallpapers/designs that you can use in both detail/obs etc!

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.zip file of over 150 backgrounds in 13 categories and a .detail file for each one to open.

13 Categories
150+ Images
Open Source
402 MB

150+ Detail/OBS 4k Backgrounds

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